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Less is best

Too much TV watching can affect your child’s sleep, cause behaviour problems, and leaves less time for active play. Use your free time for other family activities—reading, visiting museums, walking, biking, or whatever you enjoy. These tips can help you promote good TV habits in your home.


A good read

Make reading part of your every day routine. Even just a few minutes will make a difference. Find out how to develop your child’s reading skills


Get moving

To help children develop habits that will last a lifetime, an active, healthy lifestyle must start early in life. Learn more about the benefits of physical activity at every age.


Ages & Stages
Ages and Stages
Helpful Tips
Helpful Tips
  • Getting ready for baby :

    One thing you’ll quickly realize about having a baby is there are many things you’ll need  to feed, clothe, protect, and amuse him. Before you spend money on things you don’t really need, have a look at our list of the essentials.

  • Pleasing your picky eater

    It is common for young children to react negatively to certain foods. Some children are slow to accept new tastes and textures. Keep offering them to your child, she will probably start to accept and enjoy them with time. Check out more tips for pleasing your picky eater.