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Guiding your child with positive discipline

Good behaviour isn’t just luck. There is a lot that parents can do to foster it. Positive discipline teaches and guides children. Here are tips on promoting good behaviour.


Playground safety

Playgrounds can help children be active and healthy, but parents and caregivers need to ensure that children stay safe. Here are some safety tips to help avoid playgroud accidents.


Your Child’s Best Shot: A parent’s guide to vaccination

With so much information on immunization available from conflicting and often questionable sources, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or confused about the facts. Your Child’s Best Shot: A parent’s guide to vaccination is the only comprehensive Canadian reference specifically for parents.


Helpful Tips
Helpful Tips
  • Let’s go for a ride

    When your child starts riding a bike, or taking part in any wheeled sports such as in-line skating, skateboarding, or riding a scooter, the most important safety measure you can take is to make sure he wears a helmet. Find out what kind of helmet your child needs. 

  • When to wean

    Weaning is a natural stage in your baby’s development. It is the gradual process of giving your baby other foods while continuing to breastfeed. It’s easiest for you and your baby if weaning happens over several weeks, months or even longer.