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E-cigarettes: A danger to children and youth

An e-cigarette is a small battery-operated device that can look like a real cigarette. The number of children and teens using e-cigarettes is on the rise. It's important to educate them on the dangers and risks of using them.


MMR vaccine: Myths and facts

The MMR vaccine protects children against measles, mumps, and rubella. These are dangerous, even deadly diseases. Immunization is one of the most important ways to keep your child healthy. Vaccines are very safe. There are rarely reasons to not get vaccinated. Read the facts on the MMR vaccine.


Read, speak, sing to your baby

Think outside the book! Singing, rhyming and storytelling are great ways to nurture your baby’s early literacy skills and to promote his love of reading in the future. Watch this video for more fun ideas.


Helpful Tips
Helpful Tips
  • April is oral health month

    Healthy teeth are an important part of your child’s overall health. Did you know that helping your child develop good oral health begins at birth? Read our tips for healthy teeth.

  • When to wean

    Weaning is a natural stage in your baby’s development. It is the gradual process of giving your baby other foods while continuing to breastfeed. It’s easiest for you and your baby if weaning happens over several weeks, months or even longer.