Who We Are

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Who We Are

Caring for Kids is designed to provide parents with information about their child’s health and well-being. Because the site is developed by the Canadian Paediatric Society — the voice of nearly 3,000 Canadian paediatricians—you can be sure the information is reliable.

Most documents on Caring for Kids are based on CPS position statements, which are created by our expert committees and approved by our Board of Directors. Position statements are reviewed each year to ensure they are up-to-date.

Other documents are developed and reviewed by the CPS Public Education Advisory Committee, which is made up of practicing paediatricians from across Canada.

You’ll find a link to the relevant CPS position statement, or other source material, as well as additional information at the end of each document on Caring for Kids.

Still, the information on Caring for Kids should not be used as a substitute for medical care and advice. If you have specific concerns about your child’s health, please see your child’s paediatrician, family physician, or another health care provider. If you need help finding a doctor in your community, check out our list of cross-Canada resources.

Caring for Kids was proud to be one of the 10 Best Canadian Consumer Health websites for 2010 as selected by Consumer Health Information Providers Interest Group (CHIPIG), a professional association of health information providers affiliated with the Canadian Health Libraries Association. The 10 best sites were chosen for excellence in areas such as credibility, currency, disclaimers, disclosures, interactivity, purpose, sponsorship/authorship, and web 2.0 features.

Our Privacy Policy has information on how we protect your information.

Caring for Kids is funded by the CPS. We do not accept product advertisements on this site.

If you are interested in having a link to your site on Caring for Kids, please refer first to our Policy on Internet Links. We welcome links to our site, and can provide you with an appropriate graphic upon request. Just e-mail webmaster@cps.ca.

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Last updated: August 2010