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Copyright Policy

The Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS) holds copyright for all information we develop or publish on the Caring for Kids website.

We allow reprinting (in print) of Caring for Kids materials without prior written permission provided the following conditions are followed:

  • The material must be used solely for the purpose of education or advocacy.
  • Caring for Kids must be clearly credited as the source of this information.
  • Materials must not be altered in any way. You may not change or adapt the content in any way without the written consent of the Canadian Paediatric Society.
  • The printer-friendly format located at the bottom of each document allows content to be printed and used as handouts. They must be distributed at no cost to the recipients.

The CPS does not allow our material to be posted on other websites. However, links to Caring for Kids via your website or through the use of our sharing tools (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are encouraged and welcome.

For information about reciprocal links, please read our Policy on Internet Links.

If you wish to use the material for commercial purposes, or to reprint or reproduce multiple copies, you must contact the CPS for permission.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at

Last Updated: August 2013